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Photo of Ashley Baum
Ashley Baum Social Studies
Photo of Jill Buers
Photo of Katy Dalley
Katy Dalley Social Studies
Photo of Paige Dayley
Paige Dayley Language Arts
Photo of Dr. Daniel Drew
Dr. Daniel Drew CTE Business
Photo of Demi Dubach
Demi Dubach Social Studies
Photo of Jose Farias
Jose Farias Language Arts
Photo of Tabitha Hanks
Tabitha Hanks Theater/Choir
Photo of Jacey Jones
Jacey Jones Language Arts
Photo of Emily Kershaw
Emily Kershaw Language Arts
Photo of Brittnie Larsen
Brittnie Larsen Instructional Coach
Photo of Caitlin Leek
Caitlin Leek Language Arts
Photo of Japheth Long
Japheth Long Health/PE
Photo of Melvin Nomiyama
Melvin Nomiyama CTE Tech/Wood-Plastics Shop
Photo of Dave Nuffer
Dave Nuffer Health/PE
Photo of Dustin Plott
Dustin Plott Social Studies
Photo of Alexandra Post
Alexandra Post Language Arts
Photo of Chauncey Rogers
Chauncey Rogers Social Studies
Photo of Patrice Shaffer
Patrice Shaffer CTE Business/IT
No Photo Available
Ashley Thompson Media Center