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Photo of Thomas Acton
Thomas Acton Language Arts
No Photo Available
Shannon Adams Nutrition
Photo of Gabby Alvarez
Gabby Alvarez Attendance Office
No Photo Available
Luis Anez Custodial
Photo of Maria Arroyo
Maria Arroyo Nutrition
Photo of Deb Atkinson
Deb Atkinson Head Secretary Main Office
Photo of Andrew Baggs
Andrew Baggs School Psychologist Counseling
Photo of Ashley Baum
Ashley Baum Social Studies
Photo of Elise Beech
No Photo Available
Andree Bentley Special Education
Photo of Marsha Boyd
Marsha Boyd Learning Lab Aide
Photo of Crystal Coe
Photo of Jennifer Colledge
Jennifer Colledge Main Office Aide Main Office
Photo of Katy Dalley
Katy Dalley Social Studies
Photo of Maddy Donat
Maddy Donat Full Time Sub
Photo of Dr. Daniel Drew
Dr. Daniel Drew CTE Business
Photo of Nathan Dulong
Nathan Dulong Career and Technical Education
No Photo Available
Cailey Elton SPED Aide
Photo of Shalisa Evans
Shalisa Evans Counselor (Gr-N) Counseling
Photo of Jose Farias
Jose Farias Physical Education
Photo of Tabitha Hanks
Tabitha Hanks Theater/Choir
No Photo Available
Ruby Hansen Custodian
Photo of Becky Harris
Becky Harris Copy Aide
Photo of Dawnel Hayes
Dawnel Hayes Learning Lab
Photo of Darek Heim
Darek Heim Language Arts
Photo of Elizabeth Hess
Photo of Aaron Hunter
Aaron Hunter Principal Administration
Work Phone: 801.412.2850
Photo of Melora Jensen
Melora Jensen Learning Lab Aide
No Photo Available
Photo of Emily Kershaw
Emily Kershaw Language Arts
Photo of Karen Koons
Karen Koons Cluster Aide
Photo of Ms. Isabel Krebs
Ms. Isabel Krebs Registrar Counseling
Photo of Katie Larsen
Katie Larsen Front Office
No Photo Available
Photo of Sara McCurdy
Sara McCurdy Language Arts
No Photo Available
No Photo Available
Julie Patterson Cluster Aide
Photo of Sandra Pernalete
Sandra Pernalete Secretary Counseling Center
Photo of Dustin Plott
Dustin Plott Social Studies
Photo of Kendal Poole
Kendal Poole Media Center
Photo of Alexandra Post
Alexandra Post Language Arts
Photo of Guadalupe Romero
Guadalupe Romero Head Chef Nutrition
No Photo Available
Mike Rostrom Custodian
Photo of Patrice Shaffer
Patrice Shaffer CTE Business/IT
No Photo Available
Emily Simpson Math Aide
Photo of Jill Smith
Jill Smith Counselor A-Gou Counseling
Photo of Russell Stephenson
Russell Stephenson Assistant Principal (S-Z) & School Sports Liaison Administration
Work Phone: 801.412.2850
Photo of Joshua Stott
Joshua Stott Assistant Principal (A-H) Administration
Work Phone: 801.412.2850
Photo of Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor Other Aide
No Photo Available
No Photo Available
Lynette Wade Other Aide
Photo of Eva Kenyon Williamson
No Photo Available
Amanda Witzel Nutrition