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Photo of Deb Atkinson
Deb Atkinson Head Secretary Main Office
Photo of Andrew Baggs
Andrew Baggs School Psychologist Counseling
Photo of Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker IT Support
Photo of Ashley Baum
Ashley Baum Social Studies
Photo of Cadence Beck
Cadence Beck Cluster Aide
Photo of Allyssa Bellon
Allyssa Bellon Cluster Aide
Photo of Marsha Boyd
Marsha Boyd Learning Lab Aide
Photo of Erin Brown
Erin Brown Counselor (N-Z) Counseling
Photo of Jill Buers
No Photo Available
Photo of Carolyn Carter
Carolyn Carter Cluster Aide
Photo of Grace Choi
Grace Choi Nutrition Services
Photo of Cheryl Clark
Cheryl Clark Media Center Aide
No Photo Available
Kim Clark Nutrition Services
No Photo Available
Jennifer Colledge Main Office Aide Main Office
Photo of Katy Dalley
Katy Dalley Social Studies
Photo of Paige Dayley
Paige Dayley Language Arts
No Photo Available
Lisa Dean Math Aide
Photo of Jody DeLand
Jody DeLand Assistant Principal (L-Z) Administration
Work Phone: (801) 412-2850
Photo of Martine Demers
Martine Demers Classroom Aide
Photo of Maddy Donat
Maddy Donat ELL Aide
Photo of Dr. Daniel Drew
Dr. Daniel Drew CTE Business
Photo of Demi Dubach
Demi Dubach Social Studies
Photo of Karen Elkington
Karen Elkington Nutrition Services
Photo of Tawnya Elwood
Tawnya Elwood Nutrition Services
Photo of Julia Escalona
Julia Escalona Cluster Aide
Photo of Michele Fabela
Michele Fabela Nutrition Services
Photo of Jose Farias
Jose Farias Language Arts
No Photo Available
Ruby Fonua Main Office Aide
Photo of Kay Hale
Kay Hale Nutrition Services
Photo of Tabitha Hanks
Tabitha Hanks Theater/Choir
Photo of Becky Harris
Becky Harris Copy Aide
No Photo Available
Meagan Henderson Main Office Aide Main Office
No Photo Available
Jenette Hendrick Cluster Aide
Photo of Melora Jensen
Melora Jensen Learning Lab Aide
Photo of Jacey Jones
Jacey Jones Language Arts
Photo of Emily Kershaw
Emily Kershaw Language Arts
Photo of Karen Koons
Karen Koons Cluster Aide
Photo of Ms. Isabel Krebs
Ms. Isabel Krebs Registrar Counseling
Photo of Brittnie Larsen
Brittnie Larsen Instructional Coach
No Photo Available
Lila Lealaitafea Cluster Aide
Photo of Caitlin Leek
Caitlin Leek Language Arts
Photo of Bryan Leggat
Bryan Leggat Principal Administration
Work Phone: 801.412.2850
Photo of Japheth Long
Japheth Long Health/PE
Photo of Aura Lopez
Aura Lopez ESL Aide
Photo of Mr. Kevin Mossel
Mr. Kevin Mossel Social Worker Counseling
Photo of Melvin Nomiyama
Melvin Nomiyama CTE Tech/Wood-Plastics Shop
Photo of Dave Nuffer
Dave Nuffer Health/PE
No Photo Available
Julie Patterson Cluster Aide
Photo of Ruth Pistorius
Ruth Pistorius Counseling Aide Counseling
Photo of Dustin Plott
Dustin Plott Social Studies
Photo of Alexandra Post
Alexandra Post Language Arts
Photo of Chauncey Rogers
Chauncey Rogers Social Studies
No Photo Available
Becka Ruble Other Aide
Photo of Patrice Shaffer
Patrice Shaffer CTE Business/IT
Photo of Jill Smith
Jill Smith Counselor A-F Counseling
Photo of Ruth Sowell
Ruth Sowell Attendance Secretary Main Office
Photo of Joshua Stott
Joshua Stott Assistant Principal (A-K) Administration
Work Phone: 801.412.2850
No Photo Available
Matt Taylor Other Aide
No Photo Available
Megan Taylor Other Aide
No Photo Available
Ashley Thompson Media Center
No Photo Available
Lynette Wade Other Aide